Porn is literally a single click away. It seems like it’s harder to avoid than to find, and you can access the most extreme, hardcore material with simple search terms in your favourite search engine. It wasn’t always that way, but let’s break down the basics.

The porn industry is worth an estimated massive $97 billion dollars, globally. But since the shift of power within the industry, and the new business model based on free content for viewers, we think it’s important to understand the economics of it all so our Fighters are better equipped.

In the industry today, how do people make money? Especially those behind the massive sites that only post free videos?

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To understand this question, let’s recap a couple of decades. The porn industry used to function similarly to the rest of the media entertainment world before the internet. There was money to be made from print magazines, and film studios made bank selling VHS and DVD movies and pay-per-view services via hotels and adult cable channels. These traditional content producers made a lot of money, but when the internet came along, the whole media industry changed—including porn’s business model.

Early Days Of The Internet

Unlike other media outlets, like newspapers who were slow to see the web as a tool to be utilized for survival, the porn industry saw opportunity and was quick to jump online. Since porn was previously a service the viewer only paid for, the majority of sites in the early 2000’s were subscription-based. And as it turns out, it wasn’t hard to make money from online porn. There were only a couple thousand sites and they were pretty basic: a large image gallery (explicit, of course) and billing software attached to the steadily rising bank accounts of this harmful material’s creators.

But as more and more new sites were created, each site started to feel the pressure to reach more viewers, to be competitive. The thing is, porn isn’t advertised in the same way as a new pair of shoes in a sidebar ad on any website, it’s a complicated system of paid advertising and selected sites. But paid posts are regulated on main social media outlets, and even Google rightly banned paid search results that lead to adult content. So instead of relying on sidebar ads alone, early porn websites gave away ‘teasers,’ bits of free carefully curated content to act as a breadcrumb trail leading viewers to pay for a subscription.

And in fact, we’ve heard stories around the world from Fighters, from when they were younger, getting pop-up ads on their computers and stumbling across these ‘teasers.’ For many, this is often their first (but definitely not their last) exposure to porn.

And then, videos took over in a big way.

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After the launch of Youtube, the video uploading and sharing model was quickly mimicked for porn and the ‘tube’ sites were born. Today, it’s the tubes that attract the largest audience in the porn industry. The biggest player is MindGeek, whose branches include PornHub, RedTube and YouPorn (among other huge players in the industry like Playboy).

These tubes are massive databases of free videos, and as we know, are hugely popular. They began with pirated copies from the traditional content creators—the film studios who have now shrunk in number and profits, leaving performers more pressured to perform extreme content for more money—and began to encourage the creation of amateur porn videos.

So while the ‘porn industry’ used to refer to film studios, it’s now predominately MindGeek.

The Tubes Take Over

As the free tubes increased in popularity, it begs the question, how does anyone make money when everything is free?  One simple answer to that is that not everything is free. There are still plenty of sites that function off subscription fees, but they’re struggling to compete with free content.

To stay relevant, they specialise in offering fetish porn, so-called ‘ethical porn’, higher quality videos with no ads or pop-ups, live video performances, and the beginnings of virtual reality experiences. In other words, more extreme and more hardcore stuff, just to keep the edge.

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So what about those free tubes? In the online business, clicks are king. Huge sites owned by MindGeek command a massive amount of traffic— like PornHub that received 23 billion visitors in 2016—and that’s potential viewers for those paid content guys who want more subscribers. On any other website that offers free content to readers, they make money through advertisements, but as many viewers have noticed, a lot of the ads on free tubes are to other porn sites. That’s like driving the customer’s attention away to another competitor, isn’t it?

Since porn sites are often blocked from traditional advertising outlets, the tubes are the place to go to sell your hardcore, explicit site. A tube accepts payment from a subscription-based site to post an ad that redirects to their homepage. When a viewer subscribes, the tube also takes a cut of the commission. And since many of the tube sites, and subscription sites, are owned by MindGeek, it’s like double advertising opportunity for them and double profit.

First of all, I would like to tell you how I got into this industry and then you will see just how easy it is to cash in on nude photography if you go about it the right way!

I trained as a photographer and spent the first three years of my working life traveling around the Far East taking pictures of anything and everything. I returned to England and was offered a full time position on the magazine I had done a lot of freelance work for in the Far East. Again, it involved a lot of traveling, this time around Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. During all this travelling I managed to get myself married between trips and after one exceptionally long trip to South America my wife announced she was pregnant. I handed in my notice at the magazine and found a position on a local newspaper near to where we lived. This way I could watch my family grow up.

During those years I supplemented my income by taking glamour photographs. I sold these to various men’s magazines in England. It certainly helped with the luxuries of life, as they paid quite handsomely. During those years I even set up a national model agency for amateur photographers, who were always moaning at me because they could never find models to do glamour work. I had always found it easy – but more of this in the Recruiting Models’ section.

Many years later when my children were teenagers, I made a trip to Amsterdam in Holland with a journalist friend of mine. He had a little side line too – he used to write the Teletext pages for what was then ‘The Adult Channel.’ He had a meeting planned with the directors of the TV channel and being a typical journalist had arranged the meeting in a bar! While they were having their meeting I got chatting to a chap at the bar who ran an adult video distribution business. At that time, porn was still illegal in England so he based his distribution company in Holland where it was legal. After a few questions about what I did he suggested that he would be prepared to buy some footage of my glamour models just doing a simple striptease.

Over the years the single females doing striptease soon developed into couples having full blown sex, and it wasnt long before I explored the possibility of publishing my material on the Internet. Hence this ‘Guide on how to recruit nude models, photograph and sell nude photos.

So good luck with the guide and I trust that you will find lots of interesting material. If you have any comments or would like some advice which is not listed, just contact me through the website – I am always there to help if I can.

Paul Barrington

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