Sell Your Sex Films

Sell your sex films – Sites for selling homemade porn ​- Where to sell that sexy film you made?

There are tons of sites that allow you to get paid for homemade sex films. If you are wondering where to sell your film, then this list will help you:

  • Chaturbate (Highly Recommended) : A market leader in the camming space,now also allows selling homemade porn videos. I would highly recommend you to start camming to make real money in the range of $5-10K/month. You can also sell your videos on chaturbate to your fans and loyal followers. Dont just stick to selling videos , rather become a camgirl to make real changes in your life.
  • Pornhub Modelhub (Highly Recommended)  : This is by far the best website to make money online selling videos. Since its a product of pornhub, you are sure that you will get thousands of paying customers for your videos. also you get 80% of the sales, that is highest among all clip sites.
  • BongaCams (Recommended) : Although one of the biggest camming site but still used by camgirls to sell nudes to their thousands of followers. Selling porn clips will be a piece of cake.
  • MyGirlVids This is a new website in the market but they are growing at a rapid pace. They have some amazing features that other leading players dont offer. They have fingerprint technology to find and get your stolen content removed with ease. Also the payout is very good and higher than compared to others. If you are signing up on the recommended networks, then make sure you sign up on mygirlvids. Make sure to complete your profile and upload your videos for maximum sales.
  • Sidedaddy : A new site in the market but surely gaining a lot of traction. A beautiful interface, helpful support and thousands of paying customers. Their model percentage is also higher than their competitors. A must sign up for any girl thinking of selling her adult videos/clips or homemade porn.
  • ManyVids : This is my favorite network as there are thousands of customers who are ready to buy your adult videos. Just signup and start selling your content to customers. Upload your homemade porn and customers will buy that. You can also take custom requests on this network. You can also sell skype shows. Just like Extralunchmoney you can sell almost anything here.
  • Iwantclips This website gets millions of visitors each month and this is why this is the best network. After iwantclips, manyvids and youkandy, are other highly recommended networks. Almost all girls who sell on manyvids also sell the same clips on iwantclips as well. Just upload the same video this network as well if you want to double your adult video sales. (This is the best tip i can give you on selling porn videos online)
  • SpicyFind Spicyfind is another great network that is growing exponentially. The quality of customers and also the models is exceptional. A must join for anyone trying to sell their clips.
  • ExtralunchmoneyBiggest adult marketplace on the internet. Known and trusted by thousands. You can sell so many things here: Adult sex videos, Homemade porn videos, used panties, media , snapchat accounts and much more. You can also get paid for sexting  here. Head over and signup now.
  • Customs4uAs the name suggests, you take custom requests of customers and then complete them to make money. The best part is that you can also upload the same content on various other networks to get normal sales as well.
  • ModelCentroIts a fanclub. People can access your content for a monthly fees. The only problem here is that you need a prior fanbase to get people to pay a monthly fees for your content.
  • OnlyFansJust like Modelcentro , people can install this app and pay a monthly fees to get access to your content. This is a new rage in the adult industry and hence I will highly recommend using this.

Pro Tip: As soon as you create an account on the recommended network, complete the following steps to make three times the money and use the free promotions that these network provide to new models

You have to do this within 24 hours of making your account, otherwise you wont be eligible for free promotion.

1. Add featured image and profile image

2. Add at least 5-10 pictures on the platform

3. Add at least 3-5 videos on the platform. You dont need to be professional or very high quality in your videos, even videos shot with your phone or basic camera is enough to get you started.

Not many people know this, but all these networks give new models free initial promotion but that will only take place if you follow all the 3 steps mentioned above. So if you want to sell your nudes, and pictures as soon as you create a profile, then make sure you complete the three steps mentioned above.

TIPS – Sell nudes and make more money

Selling nudes to make money is the easiest job for some amazing passive income and instant cash. I have listed down some tips, tricks that will help you increase your earnings from your nude pics even more:

Selling everywhere: there are so many websites to sell nudes online. Why limit yourself to just one website. So make an account on each of these websites and instantly double, triple or 10x your daily profits

Custom Content Request: This is crucial. There are so many people who are looking for some custom content. Also the custom request will gain you much more money for a sale compared with a normal nude pic. Also, you can resell the same custom content as normal content on all the sell nude websites

Quality is everything: Never ever compromise on quality. There is competition in ever market these days and you will be competing with hundreds and thousands of other models for customers. So make sure the quality is top notch. By quality I mean: High quality Camera, Lighting, Lingerie, Sexy outfits etc.

More Fetish = More Money: There are thousands of fetish out there. Just go through Clips4sale for once and you will understand what i am talking about. The more categories and fetish you serve, the bigger will be your customer base and hence you will make insane cash. So check the end of this article to see the clothes that you must have to make some real money.

Not forgetting the marketing: This is by far the biggest mistake every camgirl, phone sex opertaor, adult star makes. Not marketing their services. With so much competition, you need to bring in the customer yourself. Grab their attention and sell your stuff.

Pro Tip: Don’t limit yourself to Nudes. Yes there is money to be made, but real money is in selling videos. And the best platform to sell Videos is Chaturbate, ManyVids , mygirlvids and Sidedaddy . Just add atleast 5 videos on Manyvids and mygirlvids and check the amazing response you get. Also you will make 10 times more money through this.

Selling nude photos on Membership Fanclubs

There is another way to make money as well. Right now you are selling your nudes and naked pics to customers through a platform where you make individual sales.

If you have a decent following and fanbase then you can create a membership website or a membership fan club. Here people pay a monthly fee to get exclusive content from you.

Here are many popular network to create a membership website. Here is the list for you.




There are also multiple sites that can be used to sign up and sell your adult content on their platform. Websites like Extralunchmoney , Clips4sale, manyvids etc. The issue with them is that they will be taking a percentage cut of what you make, but also in exchange they provide :

  1. Technology platform to sell your content

  2. Payment processing

  3. Audience to buy your content. This is also a great way to promote and get more exposure

These are subscription based services, so a person needs to buy a monthly membership in order to access your content. The application also has an inbuilt payment processor so you don’t have to worry about how to get paid for nudes. An amazing app to sell your nude photos.


They say that money makes the world go round. Well there wouldnt be a world if it wasnt for sex! It’s now the largest industry on the Internet – yet the least talked about despite having a multi-billion dollar turnover – conservatively estimated at $1,000 billion. It is probably the only worldwide business that has made millionaires of people from all walks of life. In fact CNN devoted their ‘Business Unusual’ program time to it in 1999 and again in 2000 making quotes such as:

“100% of people on the net look at erotica” and “people looking for sex will pay for it.”

Where do you find sex, well you really dont have to think too much, it’s everywhere. The top shelf of the newsagents, where you find a stack of mens adult magazines. People like Hugh Hefner made a million from them back in the fifties and sixties. I dont know if you have ever heard the story, but Hugh used to work for another adult magazine. He tried to implement some changes to the magazine but they were reluctant, so he decided to try his luck on his own. I wonder how that other magazine feels now? This is also the market where I started off in the sex industry. Taking pictures of nubile young ladies without their clothes. It’s still a very active market and many magazines pay quite handsomely for a few amateur shots. It is also a very good starting point for young models.

There is a millionairess called Sarah Young who started off doing a few shots for an adult magazine and was then asked if she would do a video shoot in Spain. She ended up doing the shoot with about half a dozen men and the rest is history. She was extremely popular as a sex video model and saved all her money, being a good little Jewish girl from North London, and bought a chain of sex shops in Germany.

That is just one market, there are sex lines, very popular in every country of the world, sex shops (Anne Summers is another millionairess) where you can buy anything from a twelve inch dildo to a fully equipped dungeon! There are sex clubs, escort agencies, contact magazines, sex holidays, sex change surgeries, breast enlargement need I go on.

People have been making money from every direction in this industry. There is a millionaire newspaper owner in England who started off in the sex industry by advertising picture sets for sale. His catch line was models with animals – sets for sale. Six pictures for some such money. The point was he sold thousands of sets, and all the pictures showed was a young model in the nude taking her dog for a walk. Oh, and by the way, he did send out six pictures, BUT they were all the same. People were too embarrassed in those days to send the things back for a refund!

Other people have started in the industry by advertising something different. I always remember a chap who used to advertise in mens magazines for members of an ‘Exhibitionist and Voyeurs Club.’ Great idea and a good source for finding just the right sort of models for sex videos! The Internet is now full of sites for exhibitionists and voyeurs

Then, bless them, there are people from all round the world who have some sort of fetish. This can be anything, feet, big boobs, big bums, grannies, S & M, anal sex, you name it. Again we will be covering just some of these subjects because it is a vast specialist market.

Then there is the industry we are going to cover in minute detail, The sex movie business. This embraces quite a few outlets. There are adult entertainment channels on TV, there are sex cinemas that use these videos and they are also on sale to the general public. There is also the Internet. This is a vast subject and will be covered in detail later.


It would be nice to think that in this day and age you could load up your camera or video and pop next door and ask your neighbours if they fancy being in a sex movie. This is the direct approach and can certainly work if you have broad minded neighbours. But if they are NOT then you could risk the chance of being locked up as a sex pervert.

Now there are many, many people out there who wouldnt mind posing, the trick is finding them! If things were easy, the mens adult magazines, would pay very low fees for the material that is sent to them. The opposite is in fact the case, because they pay very good fees, ranging from about $700 upwards, depending on the magazine. They are always receiving lots of photographs from amateurs, but well over 95% of them are rejected as not suitable for publication. Not because of the content, but because of the quality.

Next we will take you through most of the pitfalls that befall amateur videographers. But first lets define certain aspects of modelling. For instance there are photographers who specialize in straight forward nude photography. They treat their subjects, the model, as a completely inanimate object. It could be a glass bowl full of fruit or a vase of flowers that is in front of the camera for the light and shade compositions that they produce. In no way should the model look sexy or stimulate the viewer. A nude photographed outside perhaps on a long stretch of beach or on some rugged rocks is just part of the overall picture and in most cases she is not even looking at the camera. There is a market for these sort of pictures but it is very limited and pays virtually nothing. Anyway what we are looking for are SEXY models who do STIMULATE!

Glamour photography is within these boundaries, it is supposed to make the model look sexy and stimulate the viewer. This can be achieved in many ways. Quite blatantly like sex movies show, or by the very subtle means used by glamour photographers when they produce a calendar or a mass media advert.


From old-fashioned pin-up to modern studio photography, glamour photography is back in fashion. Whether for an advertising campaign or a personal portfolio, being able to shoot glamour photos can help you expand your photographic career. There’s far more to glamour photography than just lighting and poses. In this guide, we’ll share six tips to help you choose good locations, pick great outfits and makeup styles for your models and take amazing glamour photographs.

To put these tips into action, you’ll need to understand the basics of exposure and composition for digital photography. There are numerous articles on this subject on the Internet.

Teach your model the basic modeling poses

Before you start worrying about lighting or locations, it’s important to teach your model the basic poses of glamour modeling. With professional models, you’ll have little to worry about, but many amateurs may not know even basic poses. While there’s no need to memorize hundreds of complicated poses, make sure you and the model understand the basic poses that your shoot will revolve around. The type of shoot and location will determine which poses work and which don’t.

Don’t know which poses to start with? This list of 21 modeling poses is a great place to start. Pick about five poses to focus on and try to work your day down the list as you shoot. While lighting and composition play a huge role in determining the outcome of your shoot, your interactions with the model matter far more. Help them strike the right pose during the shoot by providing useful feedback and guidance.

Do you need tips on working with amateur and professional models to get the best results for your glamour photography? Learn how to take magazine quality photos in our Secrets of Magazine Model Photography course.

Learn the basics of lighting for glamour photography

Lighting plays a huge role in the look and feel of your photography. The wrong type of lighting for your location can turn an otherwise upbeat and playful collection into a moody, bleak and washed out set of photos.

Likewise, lighting that’s too soft and basic can take away the emotion in a dark or shadowy environment. Learning how to light your photo shoot well will help you and the model achieve the look you’re aiming for in your finished photos.

There are many different lighting arrangements for glamour photography, ranging from the simple and minimal to setups involving several lights, reflectors and white background materials.

Have you never set up lighting equipment before? Learn the basics of lighting your photography environment for the right look and feel withDigital Photography: Introduction to Lighting.

Pick unique, dynamic and interesting locations

The right location can add as much visual appeal to your glamour photography as your skill as a photographer. Because of this, it’s important to learn how to choose locations that suit your photographic style, your theme and your model.

From grungy and industrial areas to classic pinup environments, the setting you’re shooting in will have a huge impact on your photos. Mix the wrong clothes, makeup and lighting to the wrong setting and you’ll seriously compromise your photos.

When you choose a location, you have to consider more than just its look – if it’s an outdoor location, you also have to be aware of light sources. In some cases, you may need to bring your own lighting to complement that offered by the location.

Have you never shot outside a studio before? Learn how to prepare for the location and bring the right equipment to capture the model at their very best in our course, Fashion and Glamour Photography.

Make sure clothing, makeup and location match

Every aspect of glamour photography should complement another. From outfits to locations, make sure that all of the visual aspects of your photo shoot – things like makeup artistry, clothing and color schemes – are in sync with each other.

Some aspects of choosing complementary elements are obvious – for example, even a novice photographer knows that pinup-style clothing and dark, industrial settings don’t match. Others are more subtle and can require an expert’s opinion.

Makeup is one of the most frequently neglected aspects of glamour photography. A lot of models end up managing their own makeup during amateur shoots without a professional makeup artist on location.

This can result in subpar photos, especially if makeup is an important part of your visual theme. To learn more about the importance of a makeup artist in your photo shoot, read our blog post on makeup designs and inspiration.

Learn how to use natural light to your advantage

You don’t always need artificial lighting for glamour photography. Many of the best calendar and catalog photos are shot without any natural light, especially if natural environments factor into the shoot’s visual style.

By selecting the right location, time of day and camera settings (not to mention the right lens) for the shoot, you can turn your lack of lighting equipment into a serious advantage that produces unique, interesting images.

Do you want to learn how to shoot glamour photography with minimal lighting and reflector equipment? Learn how to use natural light to create beautiful photos in our Natural Light Fashion and Beauty Photography course.

Practice the art of subtle editing in Photoshop

Almost all of the photos you take during a glamour photography shoot will need to be edited before being published or added to a portfolio, either to fix exposure and color issues or simply to remove skin blemishes.

The key to retouching photos is to do as little as possible in order to achieve your desired look. Too much airbrushing and editing is obvious, even to the untrained eye of the average magazine reader or calendar viewer.

Keep any Photoshop editing – beyond the standard exposure, color and levels fixes – to a minimum. Focus on removing typical skin blemishes and lighting issues, and not on completely transforming the look of your model.

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