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How to Make $10,000-A-Week Selling Nudes

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Sell nudes to make money? Yes, you can do it. Read our list of 20 tips on how to sell your photos and make some easy money. Selling nudes and naked pictures of yourself has been done by thousands of webcam models, pornstars, camgirls and so, so many more adult stars.

Making money in the adult industry as an amateur star is so easy, all you have to do is follow our advice and money will follow you automatically. This step-by-step guide will teach you exactly how to sell nudes and how selling nudes on snapchat will be the best decision of your life. You don’t need to become a professional camgirl or a pornstar to make money in this part of the adult industry.

In the past potential models had to find a reputable photographer to take some nude photos of themselves that they hoped would sell. Now-a-days, all you need is your phone.

As technology has become more accessible nudes have been flying back and forth from person to person. Snapchat has made this even more possible with the ability for your nudes to disappear within seconds. When Snapchat first came out in 2012 many people of all ages used this app as a means for sexual pleasure. So many people figured that they could keep their nudes a lot more discreet doing this.

It is now 2019 and a lot has changed! People are now extremely body positive. While many people are genuinely disgusted with skimpy clothes, porn stars, or nudes, a lot of people have been defending against the act of slut shaming. Slut shaming is basically when you judge or verbally insult someone who is confident in their sexual progressions. Now that people speak out about their rights to their body’s women started selling their own nudes!

Now, you make think this is weird, gross, or just down right degrading, but as women we have every right to choose what exactly we want to do with our body’s. Today I am going to tell you just how beneficial selling your nudes can actually be. We will cover the two biggest reasons selling your nudes is actually a great way to make money. At the end of this article I will also add a few sites where you can get started.

1- Money!

Money is the biggest reason to start selling your nudes. Everyone in this world needs money. As sad as it is, money is the way the world works. Getting into this field could potentially give you the means to quit a day job. Of course, you’ll either have to build a fan base or just hope that your body is unique enough for fast money. There is so much money in selling nudes and becoming an online entertainer. You could easily make 100 dollars a day or more which would at minimum have you up $3,000 a month. Selling nudes is an extremely good way to make fast money.

While selling nudes is a very profitable market also becoming what is called a cam girl is an even bigger market. After doing some research I found out that you can make up to $10,000 or more a WEEK with the research. That’s $40,000 a month! It’s insane to become financially stable so quickly, but it is very possible!

2 – Falling in Love with Your Body

As people start to pay for your body you become more aware of its value. Nobody would pay for a body, they don’t like. So, for someone to pay for your body, it has to be quite special. Someone is interested in the way you look and in turn that will boost your confidence to new heights. It’s so comforting to become loved by yourself. You may get judged, but you know who you are and somebody out there loves you!

3 – Where To Sell Nude Photos / Videos

The most common question / request we receive at Webcam Startup is “Where can I sell my nudes?”. There’s plenty of places where you can sell your nudes and plenty of ways to go about it. Are you trying to make money off “selfie content”? Are you trying to sell full clips or videos? Depending on what you’re trying to do, different options might work better than others. Here’s all the ways you can make money off your nude photos and videos.

4 – Charging Per Photo Vs Subscription Services

The first question you should ask is what type of business model do you want to go with. There’s two main options here: Per-piece or via subscription service. With a subscription service, you build a residual income from the rebills (or sell ‘lifetime access”, if that’s more your style). Charging per-piece is fairly self explanatory. We’ve got a list of some of the sites you can use for the various business models.

5 – Selling Both Single Photos and Subscriptions: Keep in mind that it’s possible to do both as well. You can offer subscription packages, as well as selling individual nudes as well. We’ll now go over how to do both, and some of the sites available for selling nudes.

6 – Selling Subscriptions

If you want to go the subscription route, there’s tons of different platforms you can check out and several different ways to go about it. Here are some of the best ways to make money from adult fanclubs / premium subscriptions:

7 – OnlyFans – The Social Network That Gets You Paid

OnlyFans looks and behaves exactly like a social media site. The only difference is that users are able to set their price and users must subscribe to their page in order to access the content. This creates a residual income, as the users will have to keep paying the monthly subscription rate to access the content. The more subscribers, the greater the monthly income!

If selling selfie-style content is what you’re wanting to do, OnlyFans is a great network. With the mobile version, your browser can sync with your phone and camera, and you can easily upload selfies or short clips. Your fans can like and comment on the posts you make, just like a normal social network. There’s also a messaging system you can use to keep up with your fans, or send locked content through for extra revenue.

Learn More: OnlyFans – Charge For Premium Subscriptions

8 – IsMyGirl:  Adult Fanclub Subscriptions and More!

IsMyGirl is another option to going the fanclub route. IsMyGirl behaves very similarly to OnlyFans, but has more ways to earn (live camming is one example, premium Snapchat, which we’ll cover below, is another example) than OnlyFans does. IsMyGirl also features performers on the front page, as to where OnlyFans doesn’t. IsMyGirl only pays out 70% though, 10% less than OnlyFans does.

Learn More: IsMyGirl – Adult Fanclub Platform For Models

9 – Selling Private Snapchat Subscriptions

Premium Snapchat is another route that you can go for premium subscriptions. Snapchat is a popular messaging app, therefore it’s something that a lot of users already have. Just keep in mind that nude and explicit content isn’t allowed on Snapchat, so if you post that it could get your account suspended! There’s models that do post explicit content on their premium Snapchat and those that keep it non-nude but still sexy. It’s possible to sell subscriptions to other social media, like Instagram for example, but premium Snapchat is definitely the most popular.

10 – Main Sites For Premium Snapchat:

FanCentro – FanCentro is the main site for premium Snapchat subscriptions. FanCentro also supports Instagram subscriptions, and a fanclub platform built directly into the site.

ManyVids – ManyVids is primarily a clip site, meaning they specialize in video sales. If you’re not also selling videos on the site, you’re not going to have much success selling the other services on the site. If you are also selling videos, it’s a great site to sell your other services as well, including premium Snapchat.  There’s two ways to sell Snapchat on ManyVids: through the texting functionality or using a custom store item.

Membershyp – Membershyp is another network that specializes in premium Snapchat sales. In addition to Snapchat, performers can also sell subscriptions for Instagram, Kik and WhatsApp.

IsMyGirl – IsMygirl is primarily a platform for adult fanclub subscriptions. IsMyGirl has offers models a wide range to earn, however, and premium Snapchat is one of the services that IsMyGirl models can offer.

More Sites – There’s a lot of sites out there that support the sale of Snapchat subscriptions. Some of them focus specifically on premium Snap, while others just support it. But one place that is essential for you to register on is here. Where you start to build your fan base from our visitors.

11 – Pairing Videos With Photos For Subscribers

Many models have found success in subscriptions due to the fact that most people viewing these do not expect consistent high quality all of the time. Since a majority of the services are phone based, the model is pretty limited to the capability of their phone camera and the compressing of the app. As well as including photos, some subscription running models also find it convenient to post short videos to keep the audience entertained as well which can be easier than setting up and posing for multiple photos.

12 – Selling Nudes Per-Photo

If you are looking to charge per photo, then you will likely be sending them through a messaging app. Some people combine a Snapchat subscription with the ability to also request specific photos for additional payment, or they send the photos through a messaging app or sexting platform after receiving payment (some sexting platforms even charge them to open the photo when they open it!)

13 – Messaging Apps For Sending Nudes:

Snapchat – Not only is a great way to sell subscriptions (see the section above), but it can also be used to deliver individual photos or short clips as well.

Kik – Kik is a popular messaging app. Kik is a great way to deliver individual photos that customers purchase. Kik sessions are another way that models can make money off of Kik. Kik sessions are sexting sessions done through the app.

Twitter – Twitter DMs are another way to send the content. Twitter is a good choice, as it’s one of the most popular social networks. Twitter is also a good way to promote your services.

14 – Sites Where You Can Charge Per-Message:

OnlyFans – We discussed OnlyFans in detail above. One of the features is the ability to send locked content. Your subscribers will have to pay to unlock the content. If you don’t want to charge for subscriptions (which you should) and only want to send nudes via locked content, you can do so by setting the subscription to zero dollars.

JustForFans – JustForFans is primarily a fanclub platform and clip store, but supports paid messages as well. JustForFans is open to all genders and orientations, but is primarily a male / gay network. That makes the site one of the best options for males.

NiteFlirt – NiteFlirt is primarily a phone sex site, but one of their features is the ability to send photo messages as well.

SextPanther – SextPanther is another phone sex site that offers the ability to send photo messages. Please note: SextPanther is semi-exclusive about their model-base and may not accept performers that don’t have enough experience or a big enough following.

15 – SquarePeep: Members Pay To Uncensor Photos

SquarePeep is a newer network that is worth mentioning. With SquarePeep, models upload and censor photos. Members have to pay to uncensor those photos. Models get paid when their photos are uncensored. Being a newer network, it doesn’t have the traffic as some of the established clip sites. But being that the entire focus of the site is monetizing photos, it’s worth a mention here.

Learn More: SquarePeep – Make Money Off Porn Photos

16 – Selling Photo Galleries / Pic Sets

In addition to selling individual nudes and selfie-style content, it’s also possible to sell entire galleries / photo sets. This requires a little bit more work than just snapping a nude selfie, but opens up a lot more options not available with individual photos. Here are the main sites for selling photo sets.

BentBox – BentBox is a platform for both mainstream and adult content producers. BentBox is really popular with the adult glamour models, but can be used to sell explicit photo content as well. With BentBox, users organize various files (photo, video, ect) in “Boxes” that are priced and sold. To create a photo gallery, simply create a box for the themed photo gallery, upload the photos and set the price!

SideDaddy – SideDaddy is another site that supports photo sets. Unlike BentBox, SideDaddy is 100% adult-oriented. Creating a photo set is simple; upload your photos, set the price and the pic set will appear on your profile and be available for purchase.

ModelCentro – ModelCentro is a platform for easily deploying free membership sites. ModelCentro works on a revshare model, so there’s zero upfront costs, outside of the website name. It’s possible to upload photo galleries and video, and place them behind a paywall. Members will have to subscribe before they can access the photo galleries and other content.

Clip Sites With Custom Store Items – Many of the clip sites support custom store items. These items can be used to sell photo galleries, although it’s a little more complex than the networks that support photo galleries specifically. It’s possible to create a store item for each gallery. When someone purchases the gallery, you’ll have to manually get them the photo content, however.

17 – Selling Nudes Through Subscription or Per Photo?

Selling through subscription is easier to manage simply because you are catering to a wider audience, the earning potential is higher since if you consider you are selling x amount of photos for x amount of money to x amount of customers, and that amount of customers is high, you will be making more than selling to one individual person. The success of subscription also varies depending on the quantity of photos you take, the quality of photos you take, and the amount of subscription renewals you get. For some people who don’t prefer to take nude photos often, selling them individually or doing custom photo orders may work better than running a subscription based social media app.

18 – How Much Should I Charge For My Nudes?

The price you set for your nudes depends entirely on what you value them to be. Keep in mind that the cheaper you price them the more likely you are to sell them, but this can serve as a double edged sword if you feel “cheaped out” by pricing them too low. If the quality of your photos is great, you will likely be able to charge more and sell it.

For example, if you’re taking your photos on a high quality DSLR that puts out HD photos then you will be able to make more from that than a cell phone picture that isn’t in HD. You must also keep in mind that the photo may be redistributed without your permission, which will count as a loss towards your profit. Make sure you consider watermarking!

19 – Getting Paid / Receiving Funds For Nudes

Now the real important: How do you get paid? This is going to vary drastically based on what sites and platforms you’re selling nudes on, as well as what country that you live in. Each of the sites have their own cashout options. Each site also has their own payout schedule and minimum payouts. Commonly used cashout options are check, direct deposit, wire transfer or through an adult-friendly e-wallets. We’ve got an entire section on receiving payouts that goes over the cashout options in great detail.

20 – Warning About PaPal, Venmo, Cash Apps

It might be tempting to use platforms like PayPalVenmoCash App and other mainstream platforms for accepting payments. These platforms are not adult friendly and eventually your account will be banned. You might fly under the radar for a little while, but eventually something will happen to flag the account and the transactions you’re processing. For that reason, it’s suggested that you partner with one of the adult-friendly solutions.

Have a good day and make some serious money ladies! Don’t forget to register here.

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