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Running An Adult Fanclub

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Adult Performers: Sites For Running A Fanclub

Running your own fanclub can be very profitable. the best thing about running your very own adult fanclub, is that is builds a residual income. That is because in order to keep accessing the content, customers have to keep paying the monthly subscription rates. There are platforms that specialize in running fanclubs, several paysite building platforms for models and camming and clip sites that have a fanclub functionality. Here is what is available for adult performers.

Sites For Running Adult Fanclubs

Network Payout Description Additional Information
AdultMemberSites 75-85%* Website Builder AdultMemberSites
AVN Stars 80% Fanclubs AVN Stars
Chaturbate 5¢ / token Camming Site Chaturbate
FanCentro 75% Fanclubs FanCentro
IsMyGirl 70% Fanclubs IsMyGirl
iWantFanClub 72% Fanclubs iWantFanClub
JustForFans 70% Fanclubs JustForFans
ManyVids 80% Clip Site ManyVids
Mega Fans 85% Fanclubs Mega Fans
ModelCentro 67% Website Builder ModelCentro
Modelhub 80% Clip Site Modelhub
OnlyFans 80% Fanclubs OnlyFans
SideDaddy 70% Clip Site SideDaddy


Sites For Selling Social Media Subscriptions

In addition to running your very own fanclub, it’s also possible to make money from social media subscriptions. Social media subscriptions work very similarly to fanclubs. It’s possible to charge monthly subscriptions, and there are certain networks that will also manage the monthly rebills and inform you when you’ve got a new follower, or if a follower has fallen off or a rebill fails. Here’s all the sites for selling social media subscriptions.

Site Snapchat Instagram Kik WhatsApp More Info
FanCentro Yes Yes No No FanCentro
IndieBill Yes No No No IndieBill
ManyVids Yes Yes Yes Yes ManyVids
Membershyp Yes Yes Yes Yes Membershyp


Running A Fanclub Builds A Residual Income

The best thing about running your own fanclub is that it builds up a residual income. That is because in order to access the content, the customers have to keep paying the monthly subscription rate. If a rebill fails, the customer is booted from the fanclub. So as long as you’re doing everything to keep your subscribers happy, they should be ramping up instead of falling off. This means that your residual should be ramping up over time, as well.

How Much Can You Make Running A Fanclub

This is a very complex questions with a very complex answer. Pornstars with a larger following / customer-base will generally see greater success, opposed to a pornstar who’s fairly brand new to the industry. That is because they’ve already got loyal customers who are more likely to convert into subscribers. It’s also important to realize that as you ramp up your number of subscribers, the income will also ramp up. It’s really simple math of number of subscribers, times the monthly rate, times the performer percent, which varies site to site. 4-figures monthly is definitely possible. Although 5-figures monthly is very ambitious, it’s not going to be impossible.

Fanclubs Vs Membership Paysites

There are two different types of fanclubs. It’s possible to run your own website (with platforms like ModelCentro and AdultMemberSites). It’s also possible to run a fanclub on a network. For network fanclubs, there are some platforms that specialize in fanclubs specifically. There are also camming sites and clip sites that have a fanclub functionality. On these sites, the fanclub usually includes all the content that you’ve got for sale on the platform. Some sites will give you the choice of whether specific content should be included or omitted from the fanclub.

How To Promote Your Fanclub

There are tons of different ways to promote your fanclub. We’ve got an entire marketing section which gives tons of hints and tips on how adult performers can market their services. Social media is a no-brainer, and there’s tons of different networks to choose from . If you’re running a website (opposed to running a fanclub on a network), then search engine optimization is going to be a very important concept to master. Tube sites, communities and forums and email marketing are all other ways to drive traffic and sales. To learn more about all of these, check out our marketing section.

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